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The Smart Card is a permanent event credential for people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge from Prem Rawat (also known as Maharaji). It displays the cardholder's name, photo, and unique Smart Card number printed over an attractive background design. The Smart Card makes it easier to register for and attend some events where Prem Rawat speaks.
There are some events where a Smart Card is required. We recommend that you apply for a card soon, so that you will be able to attend those events. For most events the Smart Card is not a requirement at the present time. However, it can also facilitate your registration and entry to those events.
There is no expiration date for the Smart Card.
No. The Smart Card provides verification that a person has learned the techniques of Knowledge as taught by Prem Rawat (also known as Maharaji). Anyone who is eligible may apply. We recommend that people apply as soon as possible after the Knowledge Session.
You can apply online on this web site. This is the preferred method. If you want to apply by mail, you can request an application from the Smart Card Office at or by writing to Smart Card Office, PO Box 2278, Agoura Hills, CA 91376, USA. This method will take considerably longer
Sorry, but due to space limitations on the Smart Card we can only accommodate English alphabet characters.

To activate the ability to prepare applications for others, update your profile by checking off the box at the bottom of the left column and saving your changes. When you return to the dashboard, you will see that a new section titled 'Applications You Have Prepared for Others' appears below your personal information.

To create an application for another person, click on the 'Prepare an Application for Someone Else' button. Additional sections allow you to track the status of submitted applications, work on saved applications and create replacement applications for those you've previously prepared an application for. If you no longer need to prepare applications for others, simply uncheck the box in your profile to hide this section.

WARNING: Never apply for someone else by creating an application for yourself and modifying it with their information. If you do, your personal information may be overwritten with theirs. This will result in your smart card number, name and photo being erased from our records. Event registrations that require entry of your Smart Card name and number will fail and it will be very difficult to verify you using your Smart Card when you enter the event.

The residents of most countries can apply using this website. However, applications from the following countries cannot be processed on this website: INDIA, SRI LANKA, NEPAL, CHINA, and CUBA. If you are a resident of India, Sri Lanka or Nepal, please email your request to If you are a resident of China or Cuba, please email
  1. If you have a digital photo taken with your phone:
    • To upload the photo directly from your phone: open the application website on your phone and upload the picture into your smart card application from the phone’s photo gallery.
    • To complete your application on a computer: email the photo from the phone to your own email account, download the photo onto your computer desktop, open the application website on your computer and upload the picture into your smart card application.
  2. If you have a 'hard copy' photo:
    • If you have a scanner: scan the photo into your computer, open the application website on your computer and upload the picture into your smart card application.
    • If you don't have a scanner: take it to a shop that can make a digital image for you (in jpg format), transfer the digital image to your computer, open the application website on your computer and upload the picture into your smart card application.
On your dashboard, the very first line of the 'My Application' panel on the dashboard shows the status of your application. Initially no application may appear. If you start an application and save it, the status will be 'The application has been started but not submitted'. Once your application is complete and you have pressed the 'Submit Application' button, you will see a screen that says 'Please Confirm Application Information'. If the information is not correct, you can cancel so that you can make changes. Once you press the 'Submit the Application Now' button at the bottom of the screen, however, your application will be submitted and you will be returned to your dashboard. The status of the application will change to whatever has to be done next. You can check your application's progress at any time by returning to the application website, verifying your identity and viewing the status of your application in the 'My Application' section of the dashboard.
Once your application has been verified, you will receive an email with your Smart Card name and number. Allow approximately 6-8 weeks for processing, printing and shipping. You can check the status of your card by logging back into this website using the email and security questions created for your profile.
When you click on the donate button, the donation page appears in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings. Once you compete or cancel your donation, a new page will appear in that window or tab. Simply close the window or tab (as per the instructions on the page) and return to the window or tab that you were working in before you clicked the donate button. Whatever you were working on will still be there, unaffected by your detour to the donations page.